Daniel Wahrenberg and Therese "Nessie" Nylund from Sweden
Daniel started dancing in 1989 and Nessie in 1992. Since then they have been practicing and competing with different partners in Lindy Hop, Boogie Woogie, Rock’n’roll and the Swedish dances Bugg and Doublebug (dancing with two partners at the same time!). In 1997 Daniel became Swedish Champion in Lindy Hop and again in 2003 but in Doublebug. In 2002 Daniel also won the European Championships in Doublebug. Between 1997 and 1999 Daniel worked with the famed Lindy Hop group The Rhythm Hot Shots. Nessie and Daniel started dancing together in 2006.

Christopher McMullan from Perth, Australia
Perth has a swing scene around 10 years old, influenced geatly by the Savoy Style Lindy Hop of Frankie Manning and the Harlem Hotshots of Sweden. It is predominantly a social dancing scence, well known for the slightly crazy social dancers it produces. Chris is a product of that scene, a social dancer with his own unique style. He is a dancer who has spent many hours researching and practicing the fundamentals of swing dancing. Developing his teaching style with dance school Swingcrazy, he brings many of the techniques that have made him a successful dancer to the classes he teaches. Chris strong social dancing background has helped him achieve competition results including 2007 Hullabaloo Jack & Jill 2nd place and 2006 Tokyo Swing Festival Jack & Jill Champion.